AUX Night

AUX Night is MIEFF evening programme at New Space Theatre of Nations, a series of live audiovisual performances by Russian and foreign video artists, composers and musicians.

Welcome reception: 9 p.m.
Performances start at 10 p.m.

The first AUX Night programme in the history of MIEFF festival will be opened by sound artist from Saint Petersburg Dima Anikin with his project Resequence. Together with a string quartet he will perform four compositions from his new EP Siren wailing. This mini-album is focused on the image of an ancient Greek siren; her enchanting songs tempted sailors and they perished, drowned or smashed upon the cliffs.
The evening will be continued by Dutch artist Joost Rekveld, the guest of the festival, and musician Grisha Mumrikov. They will meet for the first time in the New Space to conduct a strenuous improvised A/V performance; clarinet's plangent voice will be transformed into generated visual patterns, which Rekveld will control using a computer of his own design.
They will be followed by a composer and musician Zurkas Tepla, who will perform restless live to his found footage film In the same car. This is a film collage about fake memories and romanticization of screensavers and texts, written by the composer.
Philipp Ilyinsky aka Phalf will round off the evening with improvisational live set, using modular and DIY synthesizers, rare guitar pedals and computer software that synthesizes sound. Project was made in collaboration with London based video artist Rebecca Salvadori.

Dima Anikin

Dima Anikin is a composer and sound artist from St. Petersburg. Since 2006 he has been creating compositions for his project Resequence, in which he experiments with methods of sound field organization: from synthetic electronic sounding up to sampling live sounds, noises and acoustic instruments (guitars, kalimbas, Soviet chromatic tuning forks etc.). Dima Anikin worked with Pavel Pepperstein and Karsten Nikolai, wrote music for exhibition projects, theatrical performances and cinema.

Philipp Ilyinsky

Philipp Ilyinsky (also known as phalf) is an audio artist, based in Moscow. His music and audio projects are focused on micro/macro sound and extreme computer music aesthetics. In his works Philipp constructs intricate, opaque micro/macro sound structures, exploring experience of intense perception in real time and the relationship between nature and sound synthesis. Ilinsky often performs as a DJ and his sets can be eclectic, in the range from fluxus techno to acid pointillism, from unstable house to noise rave.

Rebecca Salvadori

Rebecca Salvadori is a Italo-Australian, London-based video artist with a long experience of filming environments following a non-hierarchical/chronological layering and
sequencing of audio to footage. Her film work, including ambiguous short documentaries, artists' portraits, music videos and non-synced live visuals, is both highly personal and wilfully elusive.
Rather than following a classic, linear narrative, these take the form of visual compositions built through chance, association and repetition. Throughout the years, Salvadori has accumulated an extensive video archive from which she creates assemblages. This acts as the basis for filmic portraits of moments, people and environments.
Salvadori has exhibited her audio/visual work at venues and festivals throughout Europe including Macro Museum of Contemporary Art (IT), Barbican Art Center (UK), Festival of
Film and Animation Olomouc (CZ), Festival IMAGES (CH), Crosstalk video art Festival (HU), David Lynch's Silencio (FR), SCHNUCK Glaspalais (NL), Sophiensaele Theatre
(DE). Since 2015 she collaborates with Greatcoat Films on a project-by-project basis as a freelance director and editor.

Grigory Mumrikov

Grigory Mumrikov is a musician and artist from Moscow. Creator of the project MoN, he also participated in actions of DEREVO theater. He got higher education in classical music (specialization in clarinet). After graduating from Rodchenko School he focused on experimental music projects that combined clarinet and electronic sound. He works independently and as a member of CHORDA project.

Zurkas Tepla

At the moment, several completed works exist under the name of Zurkas Tepla. Those are a small book and music, written for it, under the general title Bank Robber; music film In the same car (music for it had been also released and exists separately from the video); Permanent Research album and video for one of its tracks; a play, written for joint performance with a group Kymatic, entitled Conception. Childbirth. A bank robber opens his mouth; and one useless song Burning house, salty river, Take a shit, good bye.

Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld is a Dutch artist. In his work, he explores the sensory consequences of systems of his own design, often inspired by forgotten corners in the history of science and technology. His films, installations and performances are composed documentaries of the worlds opened by such systems. In their sensuality they are an attempt to reach an intimate and embodied understanding of our technological world. His abstract films have been shown world-wide in a wide range of festivals and venues for experimental film, animation or other kinds of moving image. Most of his recent films had their premieres at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and he had retrospectives at the Barbican in London and the Ann Arbor film festival amongst others. Individual films were screened at hundreds of venues, including the ICA and the Tate Modern in London, The Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.
With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow
September 28
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