The Green Fog

Found-footage remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo by Guy Maddin, Galen Johnson and Evan Johnson.

The Green Fog

USA / Canada | 2017 | 62 min
Guy Maddin / Galen Johnson / Evan Johnson
Moscow Premiere
Whether or not you've seen Vertigo, Hitchcock's internecine engagement with the male gaze, we want you to get lost in the mysteries and delights we found in making our own adaptation. Our medium is footage repurposed from movies and television shot or set exclusively in San Francisco. Our version, shaped for our own pleasure out of newly defamiliarized material, is more a Vertigo "shape" that somewhat rhymes with, occasionally reconfigures, and sometimes flips like a fried egg the savagery and victimhood of the annihilating original. Sit back and let the emulsions, pixels and taxidermy dust wash over your eyeballs!

Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin the director of twelve feature-length movies, including The Forbidden Room (2015), My Winnipeg (2007), The Saddest Music in the World (2003). He has also mounted around the world over seventy performances of his films featuring live elements – orchestra, sound effects, singing and narration. Since 2011 Maddin has collaborated with Galen Johnson and Evan Johnson under the banner of Development Ltd., their Winnipeg-based filmmaking collective.

Galen Johnson

Galen Johnson worked for several years in the architecture industry before working as Production Designer, Title Designer, and Composer on The Forbidden Room (2015), for which he was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for production design/art direction. He has since gone on to co-direct Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (2015), the experimental short film website Seances (2016), and Vertigo remake The Green Fog (2017) all with Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson.

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson is a writer and filmmaker living in Winnipeg with his girlfriend and son. He studied film and philosophy at the University of Manitoba and worked at Winnipeg's Rug Doctor chemical bottling plant before being discovered there by Guy Maddin. He co-directed his first feature, the Forbidden Room (2015), with Maddin, and has made a handful of his own short films.
The screening is supported by the Canadian Embassy in Russia
September 29
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