Louis XIV death in an art gallery in Lisbon. Albert Serra grotesque film-performance on corporeality, death and power.

Roi Soleil

Spain, Portugal | 2018 | 61 min
Albert Serra
Russian Premiere
Spanish director Albert Serra turns again to the character of Louis XIV. In his film The Death of Louis XIV (2016) the director scrupulously revealed details of the French king's last days, played by the legend of French Nouvelle Vague Jean-Pierre Leo. Now instead of luxurious palace, a viewer discovers the monarch, played by an amateur actor, alone within the white walls of gallery space under the light of red neon lamps. The actor Lluís Serrat performs the agony of the King Louis XIV during seven days in a row. Inevitably the last day the death will show up.

Albert Serra

Albert Serra (born 1975) is one of the most prominent contemporary Spanish directors. He is the winner of the main prize of Locarno Film festival for Story of my Death. Serra took part in Cannes Film Festival with his last work The Death of Louis XIV (2016), which gained much praise from film critics. According to film critic Vladimir Lukin, Serra is the first religious director since the days of Dreyer and Bresson. In 2017, Albert Serra joined the jury of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival. He was a visiting lecturer in numerous museums, universities in France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the USA, where he gave talks at Harvard, Yale and Philadelphia universities.
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