PETER KUBELKA'S LECTION-PERFORMANCE: Metaphors for mouth, eyes and ears

The closing event of the series of meetings with the legendary director will be one of his most famous lecture-performances.
The lecture will be held in a special improvisational format where art history and philosophy exist on an equal footing with everyday items such as kitchen utensils, musical instruments and food.
Lectures-performances, which Kubelka has been conducting since 1966, synthesize fundamental passions of the artist - cooking, cinematography and education.

From 1978 to 2000 Kubelka delivered his own course «Film and Cooking as Art» at Städel School in Frankfurt. He will conduct one of his most famous improvised lectures Metaphors for mouth, eyes and ears, dedicated to the history of communication, cinema and cooking from the Stone Age to our days. Deeply philosophical and incredibly exciting in the same time, the lecture offers new ways of treating such everyday routine process as cooking.
The lecture will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation.
At Peter Kubelka personal request viewers are recommended to abstain from using
headphones for simultaneous interpretation, if possible.

Peter Kubelka

Peter Kubelka, director and art historian, was born in Vienna in 1934.
Since the 1950's Peter Kubelka has been an influential figure of the international avant-garde of cinema. He is one of the founders of the Austrian Museum of Cinema, which he directed until 2001. And in 1970, together with Jonas Mekas, he founded one of the largest American archives of experimental cinema Anthology Film Archives. Peter Kubelka was a professor at the Städel Schule in Frankfurt.
Kubelka is also known as a non-writing theorist, using non-verbal elements, such as mimic, music, food, objects, tools in his lectures.
The screening is supported by Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow
September 30
«GARAGE» Museum, 16+
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