ARTIST TALK: Su Hui-Yu «A Different Kind of Tension»

Lecture by leading Taiwanese video artist about post-war Taiwan, corporeality and cinema as medium.
Over the past decade, Su Hui-Yu has established himself as one of Taiwan's leading video artists. He is interested in the connections between media, pop culture, Taiwan's post colonial history and everyday life, and his videos explore both the mass media's impact on viewers and the projection of viewers' ideologies, thoughts, dreams and desires onto these media. Themes present in his work deal with violence, dreaming, body politics, martial law memories and the interplay between reality and fantasy.

His videos and installations have been shown in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MOCA Taipei, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, San Jose Museum of Art in California, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (Cornell University), and Power Station of Art in Shanghai. Su was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Award and participated in artist in residence program in New York, Munich, Los Angeles and the Czech Republic. In 2017, the Rotterdam International Film Festival presented a retrospective of Su's artwork. His work, Super Taboo, was nominated by Tiger Shorts Award of International Film Festival Rotterdam and the competition programme of MIEFF which pretty much brought him into film community. Recently, Su's interest in old books and old films, from which he re-reads, revises and appropriates texts for his work, has led him to a new understanding of physicality, existence, and history. The lecture will introduce the artist's most popular works, his upcoming projects and also, his voyage of interdisciplinary art.
The lecture is in English with simultaneous translation
September 30