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Award winners
July 23, 2017
II MIEFF is now over and we are very happy to name the finalists selected by our jury:

Foyer. Ismail Bahri. Tunisia

Turo. Anton Ginzburg. Russia / USA

Cilaos. Camilo Restrepo. France

On generation and corruption. Makino Takashi. Japan

The winner of the audience vote, which receives a trip to one European film festival from БорисХоф MINI:

Last days of Leningrad. Maria Zennstom. Russia / Sweden
Boris Hof: Official Car Partner
July 6, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the official dealer MINI, BorisHof, has become the official car partner of MIEFF 2017. BorisHof shares our love for experimental cinema and contemporary art and, so it has prepared gifts either for competition program participants or our audience. This year the winners of the competition program will be chosen not only by the jury. BorisHof MINI organizes the audience award, according to which the winner will get a special prize - trip to the international film festival. And for the audience there is prize drawing - 5 subscriptions for MIEFF 2017 and four-week test drive MINI Clubman* - all you need is to fill the form on our website! Winners will be announced on July 19.


BorisHof represents famous MINI brand that produces compact premium automobiles since 2005.Through impeccable reputation and high quality service BorisHof was recognized as the best official MINI dealer in Russia twice – in 2014 and 2016.
Competition programme 2017
June 15, 2017

And If In A Thousand YearsPatrick Hough, Great Britain 2017

Answer Print Mónica Savirón, USA 2016

AsbestosSasha Litvintseva & Graeme Arnfield, Great Britain 2016

Camera ThreatBernd Lützeler, Germany 2017

CilaosCamilo Restrepo, France 2016

Das Gestell Philip Widmann, Germany 2017

Depth of field • Alex Gerbaulet & Mareike Bernien, Germany 2017

Government House
Herwig Weiser, Austria 2017

Fajr Lois Patiño, Morocco 2016

Foyer • Ismail Bahri, Tunisia 2016

Last days of Leningrad Maria Zennström, Russia / Sweden 2016

Meridian Plain Laura Kraning, USA 2016

No Shooting StarsBasim Magdy, Egypt / Switzerland 2016

NosferatuJohn Skoog, Sweden 2017

On generation and corruption Makino Takashi, Japan 2017

One hour real • Miriam Gossing & Lina Zieckmann, Germany 2017

PotomIeva Epnere, Latvia 2016

Return to FormsZachary Epcar, USA 2016

Rubber Coated Steel
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lebanon 2016

Stabat MaterJosef Dabernig, Austria 2016

Super taboo • Su Hui-Yu, Taiwan 2017

The fishJonathas de Andrade, Brazil 2016

The Haunted Saodat Ismailova, Uzbekistan / Norway 2017

The MessPeter Burr, USA 2016

The Watershow ExtravaganzaSophie Michael, Great Britain 2016

Turo Anton Ginzburg, USA / Russia 2016

UrthBen Rivers, Great Britain 2017

What sound reminds you of home?Dina Karaman, Russia 2017

#67Joost Rekveld, Netherlands 2017

500,00 years • Chai Siris, Thailand 2016
MIEFF 2017
May 29, 2017
Moscow International Experimental Film Festival MIEFF will run for the second time in Moscow on July 20-23, 2017 at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater. This year Stanislavsky Electrotheater partners with MIEFF to host the festival's screenings and performances on the Small Stage as well as the brand new summer screen in the Theatre's courtyard space, which will launch mid-July.

This year, MIEFF features an international competition program comprising of 25 films from 19 countries as well as works by masters of avant-garde cinema such as conceptualist Vladimir Kobrin and Toshio Matsumoto, live-performance by Esther Urlus, special screening of Lewis Klahr's "Sixty Six", Christian von Borries' films, collaborative art project by Dmitry Volkostrelov and MIEFF, and many more.

The full MIEFF programme will be announced on the 1st of July.
Tickets on sale from the 1st of July.
MIEFF on tour: Saint-Petersburg, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre
March 26, 2017
"Echo of MIEFF"

As part of the MIEFF program, viewers will have an opportunity to see eleven of the best works of contemporary video artists and filmmakers from across the world. In addition to experimental tapes from Great Britain, Portugal, Hong Kong and other countries, the works of the festival's winners will be shown alongside: the German film "Shift" directed by Alex Gerbaulet is an autobiographical collage picture about the connection of personal memories, a great history and acting reality; Dramatic film-étude about the visitors of the restaurant "Under the heat lamp. An Opening" by Zahary Epcar (USA); A film about the roving preacher "Behemoth - or the Game of the God" by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (Lesotho).
MIEFF on tour: Veinna,
March 21, 2017
“Alphabet for an Artist"

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival (MIEFF) is a film festival in Russia granting a close look up at a wide range of categories within experimental moving image from across the world. Festival director Vladimir Nadein will personally present the programme "Alphabet for an Artist" featuring an array of films from Russian artists: Katya Chitova, Anton Ginzburg, Evgeny Granilschikov, Polina Kanis.

The "SCHOOL FRIEDL KUBELKA FOR INDEPENDENT FILM" promotes prospective filmmakers and provides artistic exchange and tuition by national and international film artists. Founded in 2006 by Friedl Kubelka, the program is based on Dante's quote "where what is willed must be". A passionate interest in a topic and its implementation on (analog) film is what matters. The objectives of a school year are to create independent works of film and to attain an individual position, manner of working and understanding of film.

MIEFF on tour: London,
Calvert gallery
Ferbuary 23-26, 2017
"Russian Experimental film pop-up"

From tomorrow Calvert 22 will play host to an exciting programme of radical new Russian cinema in partnership with the Moscow International Experimental Film Festival. Six short films by award-winning artists Polina Kanis and Evgeny Granilshchikov, including two UK premieres: Ghost (Granilshchikov, 2016) and The Shift (Kanis, 2016), will be screened on rotation. Visit Calvert 22 Space in London's Shoreditch at any time from 11am — 5pm on 23 — 26 February — no need for tickets! In addition, Calvert 22 will be hosting a screening of three films by Russian artist Pavel Pepperstein on Saturday 25 February, from 7 – 9pm. You can purchase tickets and find out more here. Curated by Katya Chitova of the Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, the experimental film pop-up will run alongside the Mince & Dough residency at the Calvert 22 Café.
MIEFF on tour: Los-Angeles, University of California (UCLA)
December 9-11, 2016
"Far From Moscow Festival"

A new wave of Russian artists has appeared; the sounds and visions of the future. Please join us at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) for the FFM Festival. Experience and celebrate an alternative brand of Russian culture in film, music, cuisine, fashion, and comics. Join our non-profit cause to both sponsor and promote Pacific Rim arts.