The third film from the cycle by Oleg Mavromatti about video blogs tells a fantastic story about a romantic admirer of Soviet steam locomotives Anya Kadet, who faced the hell of post-Soviet reality.


USA, Bulgaria, Belarus | 2018 | 77 min
Oleg Mavromatti
Moscow premiere
Anya Cadet is a video blogger with lots of hobbies, she is mad about railway machinery. While recording another video message she suddenly faces a strange character — a sorcerer Kulebyakin. At first he seemed to be a harmless freak who likes locomotives as well. Anna doesn't see any threat in his offer to show something special. She is ready for adventures that can boost her Youtube channel rating. But everything turns into an unexpected nightmare. Indeed, does Kulebyakin and his sorcery exist? Maybe the sorcerer is an illusory projection of overloaded brain? Maybe he is a cinematographic cliché, a reified quote, a concentrate of suddenly awakened fears that were hidden in a comfortable hobby package? What is a reality and is it possible to capture it? What is a sign, an ornament without meaning, something we pass by indifferently everyday without noticing its hidden urge to crime… What does a sign on Anya's hand mean?

Cast: Anna Dan, Victor Vin4 Lebedev.

Oleg Mavromatti

(b. 1965, Volgograd) is an artist-actionist and filmmaker. In 1995 Mavromatti founded Independent Film Union SUPERNOVA supposed to be a fortress of Moscow radical cinema. Several films produced by movement participants like «The Green Elephant» (1999) and «Bastards» (2000) became cult movies and inspired many VK fan-communities to emerge. In 2014 together with Boryana Rossa they established new trajectory in their filmmaking, entitled post-cinema. It incorporates social and moving image production phenomenas that appeared as a result of online social networking and video blogging. The first film in this direction has been «No Place for Fools», which is entirely made of YouTube videos. It won the award for best documentary in the Russian Film Festival Dvizhenie, Omsk, 2015. Lives and works in New York, USA and Bulgaria.
July 14
Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. Theatre Yard, 18+
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