Newsreel Daily News / A Chronicle of the day

Selected editions of the popular Soviet newsreel, accompanied by a commentator speech and sound artist performance.
Newsreel was the most powerful instrument of the Soviet propaganda. There is a huge amount of film which occupies a significant part in the state film archives. In newsreel recent past presents itself as a monolith, consisting of an endless row of silent images, firmly stitched with voiceover and music, playing subtly with right feelings. It is this original sound component that the artists offer us to go back of and watch the newsreel editions without the usual voice and sound acting. Episodes last for 2-3 minutes. They will retain their original editing, which was echoed by perky voiceover story. Instead of the Soviet speaker and music, we will listen to the voice of new commentator and meditative noise of a film. Lecture-performance — is a speech improvisation about flickering images of the past, which, perhaps, only by exposing their dumbness can enchant us today.

Dina Karaman

Dina Karaman (b. 1986, Leningrad) is a video-artist, film director, architect and set designer. She works with found footage, using official chronicles as well as home videos shot within 1990-2000 period in her films and installations. In 2017 her music and video performance was a part of closing ceremony of III Moscow International Experimental Film Festival. She participated in film program of V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, XII and XIII Media Forum of Moscow International Film Festival, videoart program of Zerkalo Tarkovsky Film Festival etc. In 2014 she had personal exhibition «Кино к романтику» in Manege. She studied at the Institute of Arts and Crafts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, MediaArtLab, Moscow School of New Cinema and Moscow Studio of Experimental Sound.

Ksenia Golubovich

Ksenia Golubovich (b. 1972) is a translator and writer. She works as an editor of «Logos» publishing house. She graduated from Moscow State University where in 1996 she defended her thesis on Yates poetry. Her publications include: poetry collection «Personae»; books «Serbian parables», «Wishes Fulfillment»; publications in magazines «New Literary Review», «Friendship of Peoples», «October» and others. She is a chairman of the jury of A. M. Pyatigorsky Prize for the Best Philosophical Work.
July 14
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