AUX Night 2.0 – the night program to be held in Aglomerat Club – will consist of a series of audiovisual performances by artists from Japan, USA, Czech Republic and Spain.
AUX Night 2.0 will open with A/V performance «Taran» by Czech trio David Šmitmajer, Jiří Rouš and Frantisek Tymal. The first ever aerial ramming — a combat maneuver, during which a pilot consciously directs his plane into enemy aircraft to destroy it – was made over Zhovkva by Pyotr Nesterov on 8 September 1914. At the cost of his life, Pyotr Nesterov, the Russian pioneer of aviation acrobatics, swept an Austrian aircraft piloted by František Malina from the sky. «Taran» uses experimental methods of live animation to reconstruct this incident as well as shows transformation of aviatics into a destructive weapon that has changed forms of war. The artist collective has been investigating the limits of visual and acoustic apparatus for 8 years. Their live performances comprise film projection, analog sound synthesis and its restructuring.
The evening will continue with «Radiant Fluxus», a cinema performance by Spanish artist and musician Miguel Puertas. Based on the effect of fleeting visual impairment, this performance uses 16mm film projectors, optical prisms and filters to investigate the phenomenon defined by Goethe as the psychological impact of colours. In this performance sound variations move along with light waves in the flow of electrification and poetry.
Next comes the A/V performance «Space Noise 2» by Makino Takashi, one of the most famous Japanese video-artists and experimental filmmakers. Using glasses with Pulfrich effect, the artist superimposes and compiles images creating the physical sense of presence within 3D image. By adding noise-collages he changes perception and creates new meaning of these abstract images. Since 2013 this project has been presented in more than 50 cities in 20 countries. In 2017 Makino Takashi's film "On Generation and Corruption" won the main prize of MIEFF.
The performance series will be closed by American art collective MSHR (Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy). Using self-designed synthesizers and sculptural interfaces, the performance «Embedded Figure Array» is based upon the feedback system between light and sound. The duo will create an improvisational cybernetics composition drawing upon the early electronic music and underground noise scene in the States.

Line up:

22:30 Taran (David Šmitmajer, Jiří Rouš and Frantisek Tymal)
23:00 Radiant Fluxus (Miguel Puertas)
23:30 Space Noise 2 (Makino Takashi)
00:00 Embedded Figure Array (MSHR)

Miguel A. Puertas

Miguel A. Puertas is an artist, filmmaker and musician. Since 2006 he's been working in film medium in a self-taught, self-produced experimental form. Co-founder of Noctiluca Film, OniroKino and Gui ColleC, collectives focused on expanded-cinema works where settings between sound and light made the film experience go beyond its limits. In his performances he combines 16mm and Super8 cinema footage that has been "frameworked" with different techniques such as direct animation to abstract photo-chemical manipulation of the film medium. He has performed in open-air festivals, art galleries, movie theatres such as the Oberhausen Film Festival, Strcamp, MEM and Punto de Vista.

Takashi Makino

Takashi Makino is a Tokyo-based experimental filmmaker. Graduated from the cinema department at Nihon University College of Art. His working process usually involves capturing representational footage of humans, nature, and urban life in various formats and then transforming these images radically during the editing stage. Through a process of layering, superimposition and other formal manipulations, these concrete images blend together into pulsating visual fields of organic abstraction in his finished works. Recent engagements include: documenta 14 (2017); Austrian Film Museum (2017); New York Film Festival (2014, 2017); Whitechapel Gallery (2016); The Korean Film Archive (2016) etc. In 2012, he was awarded the Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

David Šmitmajer

David Šmitmajer studied at Center of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU, Prague. His profession is digitizing and preservation of the archival audio magnetic tapes and manufacturing of the audio cassette tapes at Headless Duplicated Tapes. In his artistic activities he moves in the field of performative sound improvisation and development of audiovisual electro-mechanical objects and installations.

Jiří Rouš

Jiří Rouš is studying on the Master's program at the Center of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU, Prague. His artistic activity comprises improvised sound performances, live programming or designing and constructing virtual and/or physical electromechanical systems and devices.

Frantisek Tymal

Frantisek Tymal studied at Center of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU, Prague. Lives and works in Prague. His artistic work is focused on experimental film, traditional film technology and obsolent media. Beside traditional film screenings, he explores possibilities of using analog film in scenography, audiovisual performance and gallery installations. As film lecturer he cooperates with FAMU and National Film Archive, where he spreads knowledge about photochemical film processing and screening methods.


MSHR is the art collective of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. Their work meshes digital sculpture, analog circuitry and ceremonial performance. The duo constructs and performs cybernetic compositions using synthesizers of their own design. In their performances, they engage with sounds and light producing systems through a series of unique interfaces. They also work with 3D modeling programs to design virtual reality spaces, embedded with generative computer music systems. MSHR emerged from the art collective Oregon Painting Society in 2011 in Portland, Oregon.They are from the Pacific Northwest of the USA and have also lived in New York City. At present, they are traveling indefinitely.
July 12
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