Bahar Noorizadeh "After Sight"

Lecture by Canadian artist Bahar Noorizadeh about new ways of seeing in the era of total digitalization.
Bahar Noorizadeh will discuss her multi-disciplinary practice covering planetary governance, computational architectures, finance, and Contemporary Art. Reflecting on her recent video works, Noorizadeh will examine cinematic methods that best capture abstract machines of codification, digitization, and valorization that currently underlie our material realities. What is the significance of new ways of seeing in the face of growingly image-free informatic infrastructures? And how to engage with contemporary visual techne that is, for the most part, uninterested in the morphology of our bodies?

Bahar Noorizadeh

Bahar Noorizadeh (b.1988) is a filmmaker, writer, and platform designer. She works on the reformulation of hegemonic time narratives as they collapse in the face of speculation: philosophical, financial, legal, colonial, futural. Noorizadeh is a founding member of BLOCC (Building Leverage over Creative Capitalism), a research and education platform that proposes pedagogy as strategy, to alter the relationship between Contemporary Art and the planetary phenomena of urban renewal and social cleansing. Her current research examines the intersections of finance, Contemporary Art and emerging technology, building on the notion of "Weird Economies" to precipitate a cross-disciplinary approach to economic futurism and post-financialization imaginaries. She is pursuing this work as a PhD candidate in Art Practice+Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.
With support of Canadian Embassy
July 13
Garage Auditorium, 16+