World premiere of spectacular futuristic fantasy by Lawrence Lek, MIEFF 2019 opening film.


Lawrence Lek
UK | 2019 | 83 min
World premiere
Lawrence Lek's first feature-length film, AIDOL 爱道, is a CGI fantasy that forms the sequel to his acclaimed film Geomancer (2017). Deploying 3D rendering and video gaming software, AIDOL is a technically dazzling and thematically-layered experience. It tells the story of Diva – a fading superstar preparing for a comeback performance at the 2065 'eSports Olympics' – and Geo, an AI with artistic yearnings. Through spectacular sequences and shifting virtual realities, the film transports us into a world defined by the interplay of humanity and technology. AIDOL is accompanied by a score composed and orchestrated by the artist.

Lawrence Lek

Lawrence Lek (b. 1982, Frankfurt am Main) —is an artist and filmmaker working in the fields of virtual reality and simulation. He creates site-specific virtual worlds and speculative films using game software, 3D animation, installation and performance. Often rendering fictional or nonhuman artists within alternate versions of real places, his work reflects the impact of the virtual on the politics of creativity.
July 11
Garage Screen summer cinema, 16+
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