EXPANDED CINEMA: School Friedl Kubelka + DianaPlaysPerception

EXPANDED CINEMA - is an art form, where the artist, exploring the limits of perception and sensation, consciously avoids conventional and narrative cinema, looking for new ways of self-expression. Most often these are the experiments with analog material, denial of sound and image synchronization, rhythmical nonconformity, visual transformations and multidisciplinary collaborations.
The Kubelka School will present the selection of student's short films, created within the school year. It will comprise 20 works of young artists, united in one film, which will be shown simultaneously from two 16mm projectors along with live-music performance by experimental music ensemble. DianaPlaysPerception will perform 'Paris' (1968) by Christian Wolff - a piece that formed a new idea of ensemble playing. It's score composed of small notated fragments of material is offered to performers as a communication network within occurring dialogues.
Christina Lammer («Belly», «Eye»)
Lilith Kraxner («Zwei»,«Milena», «Rosa»)
Doris Piller ( «Vincent», «Nameless»)
Isabella Brunäcker («Numb»)
Noel Dinse («Untitled»)
Eva Claus («Reporting The Weather»)
Felix Pacher («Eine Erzählung»)
Markus Maicher («As you are coming closer», «I am not there»)
Raphael Reichl («12 24»)
Theodor Maier («Manuell», «Bottecchia»)
Manuel Goetz («FYI», «As I can», «Tactilia»)
Fintan Fleischhacker («Präsens»)
Christine Krammer («Backyard»)

School curators: Philipp Fleischmann, Magdalena Pfeifer

Evegeny Iskoskov (piano)
Anna Sokolova (flute)
Polina Momotova (violin)
Alina Anufrienko (cello)
Мaksim Shutikov (bass-viol)
Oksana Sidyagina (harp)

Artistic directors: Kirill Shirokov, Sasha Elina
The «SCHOOL FRIEDL KUBELKA FOR INDEPENDENT FILM» promotes prospective filmmakers and provides artistic exchange and tuition by national and international film artists. Founded in 2006 by Friedl Kubelka, the program is based on Dante's quote "where what is willed must be". A passionate interest in a topic and its implementation on (analog) film is what matters. The objectives of a school year are to create independent works of film and to attain an individual position, manner of working and understanding of film.


DianaPlaysPerception is a project which is comprised of discussion program and the ensemble focused on experimental music. Repertoire of the ensemble includes the works of alternative composers: American mavericks (John Cage, Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier and etc.), British experimentalists (James Saunders, Laurence Crane etc.), Wandelweiser group, some European composers not involved in the institutionalized establishment for new music. Another direction of DianaPlaysPerception is multidisciplinary activity in which the research for material occurs in live communicative situation.
July 21
small stage, 18+