Closing night

The festival closing ceremony and the winners awarding, as well as the specially created video performance with live music.
Video-performance for flute in 3 «Republic»

40 min | 2017
The cassette with the materials of which the film was edited, was found in the archive of film documents. Judging by the nature of filming, it has been recorded by a cameraman in the 90-s for the documentary plot or story. Or probably it's just a video diary about a vacation, taken with professional skill. But in the end, it turned out that 20 years later the found panoramas of sea and mountain landscapes of unnamed earth inspired the director and the composer for the creation of video pieces for flute with the participation of one artist.

Dina Karaman

Dina Karaman
She was born in Leningrad in 1986. A participant of the film programme of the V Moscow Biennale of Modern Art, the XII and XIII Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival, of video art programme of the Film Festival named after Tarkovsky "Zerkalo", etc. In 2014 she had her personal exhibition "Movie for romantic" in the CEH Manege. Also she studied at the Institute of design and applied art, Institute of Contemporary Art, School MediaArtLab, Moscow School of New Cinema, Moscow Studio of Experimental Sound (SoundArtist).

Ivan Bushuev

Иван Бушуев
He was born in Moscow in 1984. The soloist of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (flute, conductor). Since 2010 he has been a guest teacher at the International composer's and performer's Academy in Tchaikovsky city. The participant of Moscow Scratch Orchestra. The creator of the solo project of electronic music — Nerest. The composer in the Russian-German laboratory (Goethe Institute) at the Chekhovs Moscow Art Theatre. He studied at the Ippolitov-Ivanovs State Musical College, at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the faculty of historical and contemporary performing arts (contemporary flute, antique flute). The winner of the International competition of contemporary music in Poland (Krakow) in the category "Chamber ensemble". The winner of the competition "A trè" in Trossingen (Germany) in the category "Chamber ensemble of early music". The scholarship of Marco Fodella foundation.

Alexey Zaitsev

Alexey Zaitsev
Alexey Zaitsev is a musician, working in text scores, experimental music concerts programming. Working solo and in collaborations Alexey has presented in Russia the first performances of Richard Glover's, James Saunders's, Antoine Beuger's, Alexey Sysoev's, Kirill Shirokov's, Vladimir gorlinsky's works. Took lessons from Peter Ablinger, Dmitry Kourliandski, Raphaël Cendo as a scholar at the 2015 MCME International young composers Academy. As a musician and composer he has worked with dancers and performance artists as a member of SOTA contemporary dance project (Moscow, 2015) and Dansearena Nord Residency (Petrozavodsk, 2015). Graduated from the moscow state university with masters in journalism in 2012.
July 23