RUSSIAN FOCUS: Evgeny Granilshikov

The festival premiere of the film "To follow her advice" by Evgeny Granilshchikov

Евгений Гранильщиков
Evgeny Granilshchikov (b. 1985) is a media-artist and an independent filmmaker. Since 2011 he has created video installations and short experimental films, has worked with sound and picture. In 2013 he received the Kandinsky award in the nomination "Young artist" for his work "Position". Granilshchikov works with a variety of media (from individual photos to a feature film), combines them, creating a wonderful, solid projects. In 2014 he made a full-feature film "To Follow Her Advice" and several short films that together form the trilogy of "anti-movie". In the center of the trilogy – the impact of the political and social environment on the individual stories of characters who are trying to deal with their historical legacy, to figure out how their personal experience relates to modern times and collective memory. Recent exhibitions included "Untitled (after losses)" (solo exhibition) at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (26); "One inside Another. Art of New and Old Media in the Era of High-Speed Internet" at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2016); "Political populism" in the Art Museum, Vienna (2015); the main project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015); 'Boundaries' in the Gallery of Russian Art and Design (GRAD), London (2015).

To follow her advice

Russia / Thailand | 2014 | 31 min

Through the plane window we can see a Moscow airport shortly before the plane will take off - this is the beginning of the story with a difficult sequence. The plot of the film evolves in three different spaces: between Moscow, Bangkok and a small Thai island where two main characters spend most of the time. The realities of Moscow scenery and Thai landscapes are deeply intertwined, they make a viewer's attention focus alternately on one or another regime of being. The changing of locations happens insensibly, just like it's a single time and space. If Moscow still determines by its melancholic scenery filled with inner anxiety, then Thai jungles and wastelands obviously stand as a magic space. The author deliberately pushes together two social and cinematic systems between which a fragile lyrical hero huddles trying not to loose himself in today turbulent world. However, as the story unfolds, revives a feeling that everything is a result of some kind of fantasy, a consequence of spiritualistic escapism, and that maybe the whole story is not a film at all. Once again the author concentrates our attention on the method of film production in which a cinematic situation is threaded onto another one as if they try to decode the title of the film - "To Follow Her Advice".
PROGRAMme 2016